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Office Ono has cooked everything from popcorn to noodles and even steak… at her desk!

Here’s a story that’s likely to bring a smile to your face – and probably start your stomach rumbling!

“Office Ono” is a YouTuber from China who’s caused a bit of an online stir with her mouth-watering cooking videos. What sets her apart from other web-chefs is that she does all of her cooking at her desk in the office – and mainly from supplies she can find lying around.

In this video, the ever-resourceful Ono not only makes hand-rolled noodles, she then proceeds to build her own stove out of soft drinks cans then cooks the noodles with veg, broth and meat.

If you’re a fan of noodles, you’re probably more accustomed to the instant packet variety, where you flick on the kettle, stick everything in a bowl and wait. Ono takes matters into her own hands, crafting and cooking the entire meal at her desk, surrounded by co-workers who seem… utterly unperplexed!

While we’re sure you wouldn’t get away with this in your own office (health & safety concerns being one of many reasons), it’s inspiring to watch Ono at work, and gets you thinking about ways you can put your office desk to work.

Even if you can’t cook at your office desk, it can still be a flexible workspace

Your office desk might not be your kitchen, but it can still double-up in a variety of interesting ways.

Ritualise your food

Sticking with the culinary theme, why not ritualise your food and drink but keeping a small tray, teapot and favourite mug at your desk? That way, going for a tea or coffee becomes a mindful activity and not just something you do absent-mindedly – turning it into a proper break.

A centre of inspiration

No matter what kind of work you do, be constantly inspired with a vision board. Use your divider screen or prop up a small corkboard and stick up images that inspire you. You could feed your motivation with images of the next holiday you want, or keep works of art around that keep you feeling inspired.

A mini-library

Get yourself a mini desktop bookcase and keep some choice reading material there. That way if you want a break but want to feel stimulated, you can kick back and relax with a book. You might even be able to set up a lending library in the office for people to share their favourite literature – or start an after-work book club!

Merge Office Desks offer variety and flexibility

If you’re looking for an office furniture range than is flexible and meets a variety of requirements, you can’t go wrong with Merge Office Desks. The have very strong cantilever legs and come in a variety of shapes and colour styles.

Merge Office Desks also have a range of matching storage add-ons so you can keep your office space organised, efficient and free of clutter. Bookcases, lockable cupboards and filing cabinets mean there is an endless variety of configurations and something to suit every need.

They also come with next-day delivery and installation options if you’d like to get up and running quickly, and have a massive 10-year guarantee, so you know this is a worthwhile investment. Take a look at the range here.

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