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From educational furniture to the layout of the room, a good training room requires plenty of thought and planning.

Setting up a training room for a group of adults is a little different to arranging a classroom for kids. Just as some education furniture will be useful in such a room, you also don’t want your delegates to feel like they are back in school. These are, after all, a group of adults, who have usually finished their formal educational journey, and would like to be on a more even playing field with their trainer than the child-teacher relationships of the past.

Thinking carefully about how you set up your training room, what education furniture you choose and how things are laid out can make your sessions go all the more smoothly. Creating the right atmosphere, keeping people focussed and ensuring everything is to hand will help you run successful sessions every time you use it. Here are some top tips for designing and furnishing your adult training room.

Think flexibility

Chances are, you’re not going to be training the same sort of group on the same sort of topic day in, day out. For this reason, it can be good to build in flexibility to your design so that the room can adequately accommodate different people with different needs. Think about modular education furniture, which can be rearranged in different layouts to suit the session you are running.

Think comfort

Educational furniture doesn’t need to be the old, hard plastic chairs of our school days. Look for seating which is ergonomic and comfortable to prevent fatigue and fidgeting. Leave around half a metre squared for each person to allow them to write comfortably at their desks. Think also about ventilation and temperature control, so you can keep things comfortable for your trainees.

Encourage conversation

Some of the best learning happens ad-hoc, so position your education furniture to encourage people to talk together and share ideas. Rather than a theatre style arrangement, where everyone is sitting in rows, or a U-shaped structure where people are far apart, try and aim for a ‘cluster’ situation, with people in small groups together.

Have enough supplies

When it comes to consumables, too much is never enough. Flipcharts, pens, paper, coffee, biscuits… whatever it is that you and your training group will be using, make sure to overbuy with abandon. There is nothing worse than getting half way through the day and realising you’ve run out of something crucial (like Hob Nobs for example), so fill up the cupboards and cabinets to make sure there’s plenty of everything.

Remember lighting

Having plenty of good light in the room can be crucial to keeping people awake and focussed. Don’t rely on electric light alone if at all possible; by allowing natural daylight into the room, you’ll help your trainees to feel energised. If you are reliant on electric light, see if you can swap out some of the typical yellow bulbs for bluish daylight bulbs, as these are much better for feeling naturally alert. Remember that you’ll also need blinds or a dimmer switch to take the light levels down for presentations too.

Getting your training room right can make all the difference to the success of your training sessions. Talk to us for more advice, or check out our range of educational furniture to see what you could make use of.

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