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If you’re making over your company staff room, or perhaps moving into a new office, creating a welcoming, relaxing break room can make all the difference to the morale and motivation of your team. Here are some essentials to think about when setting up a staff rom to ensure you get it right. How can >> Read the full post >>

Hygiene at work is so important, whether you work in a sensitive environment or not. In food preparation and healthcare, hygiene is always on the mind of the employees, but what if you work in an office or warehouse? Although you’re not handling food or dealing with sick people, doesn’t it still make sense to >> Read the full post >>

If your business has grown enough that you need to move to bigger and better premises you’re in for an exciting and possible stressful time. There are a lot of factors to consider; what you’re taking with you, what you’re disposing of and, crucially, what you’ll need buy. With some forward planning, though, you can >> Read the full post >>

The boardroom is the heart and soul of your business. It’s where you hire and fire, where deals are made or broken, and where your most important meetings take place. All too many businesses overlook the design of their boardroom, opting for very run of the mill boardroom furniture and not enough attention to detail. >> Read the full post >>

You know what they say, that first impressions count? Well, where else do you make a first impression in business than in your reception area? The perception of your reception is often the first in-person contact anyone has with your business. Whether they are a supplier, a client, an interviewee or someone else, the last >> Read the full post >>

Whatever industry you work in, there’s always room for a conference. From the big extravaganzas at exhibition halls to more moderate affairs in the local community centre, running a conference takes time, effort and a huge amount of planning. If you’re looking to set up and run your first ever conference, here are some helpful >> Read the full post >>

When a workplace can help their staff to make better food choices, the results can be astounding. From reductions in stress to a lower risk of cancers and heart disease, healthy eating makes sense from numerous perspectives. But does it make business sense too, and how can you make things better in your canteen? The >> Read the full post >>

Investing in new office furniture has plenty of tangible benefits. From making your premises look better, to creating a brand focussed identity and providing useful functionality, good furniture is good news for any business. But, did you know that an intelligent investment in office furniture could actually boost productivity too? Here are just a few >> Read the full post >>

In the cutthroat world of marketing, it’s crucial to stay on the pulse of new things and new ideas. For this reason, many marketing businesses already have bulging bookcases filled with insightful literature to help them stay ahead of the game. Here, we look at five new books which should be high on your reading >> Read the full post >>

When it comes to making sales, technology is your best friend. From demonstrating products to highlighting figures and displaying charts, the salesperson loves their high-tech tools. Step into any presentation across the UK and you’re bound to witness a snazzy PowerPoint presentation clearly highlighting all the amazing features of the product on offer. But is >> Read the full post >>

You might think that height adjustable desks are just another fad, overrated and likely to be short lived, but in our experience, the benefits are real. Height adjustable desks have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years, as more workers realise the advantages to taking the weight off their bottoms from time to >> Read the full post >>

Having art in the workplace can add that finishing touch to your interior décor that really gives a great first impression. But choosing art can be hard; do you go for traditional or modern? Photographic or abstract? Small prints or big? They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but in the workplace, you need >> Read the full post >>

It should come as no surprise that happy and engaged employees make for a more productive workforce, but what does that actually mean? Forget the ping-pong table and beanbags in the staff room, because none of this matters an ounce if you haven’t got the basics right. You can take your staff on kayaking trips, >> Read the full post >>

Are you going green in your office? No, we’re not talking about recycling your printer paper this time; we’re talking nature. Plants have a profound effect on people’s mood and productivity, with a recent study showing that they improve: Memory and concentration: Plants have a calming effect, and in tests, tasks were performed with more >> Read the full post >>

Office space in London is at a premium, with many freelancers and small business owners finding it impossible to afford rental costs in the city. When working from home is no longer possible, either due to expansion or suitability of the space, many small businesses are left wondering how and where they’ll find a new >> Read the full post >>

Do you get up from your desk with a stiff neck and tingling arms? This could be a sign that you are suffering from desk fatigue. This new postural problem is becoming much more common as so many workers spend hours at a time sat in one position at a desk. The fixed posture puts >> Read the full post >>

Believe it or not, swapping out your old office furniture for brand-new, ergonomically-designed pieces could seriously improve the working of lives of you and your staff. It’s becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that are not only fit for the number of employees you have, but which are also comfortable, improve morale and foster >> Read the full post >>

There’s no getting around this – we’ve known for a long time now that sitting at your desk at work is bad for your health. Poor ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal pain among other things, while just sitting for hours has been linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Now, a new study gives us >> Read the full post >>

Have you been thinking of setting up a small office as your business grows, but unsure how you decide on the right office set-up? What about furniture? Well, there’s good news: with careful planning and consideration, you could have the perfect office space set up in no time, with furniture that suits all your business >> Read the full post >>

  Many of us battle with small office spaces. Whether you’re running your own start-up, working from home or working in a small space in a larger office, having a small office can be suffocating, and could even affect your productivity. Thankfully, there are some great tricks of the trade which can help your office >> Read the full post >>