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You might think that height adjustable desks are just another fad, overrated and likely to be short lived, but in our experience, the benefits are real. Height adjustable desks have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years, as more workers realise the advantages to taking the weight off their bottoms from time to >> Read the full post >>

There are a number of small changes you can make to be happier at work, ranging from renewing your sense of purpose to getting a new workstation. Here’s a look at the ten best ways to improve workplace happiness. 10 tips to a happier workplace 1-   Sense of purpose: Re-orient your goals. When you start >> Read the full post >>

The way in which you sit at your office desk could be causing neck strain. This can lead to neck pain, headaches and even pins and needles in your arms. This is not something that you have to put up with. You can make minor adjustments to the way in which you sit at your >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics before and it’s likely you also know it’s got something to with how you sit at your desk and such. However, much of the information available online about ergonomics is filled with jargon. There’s a reason for that. ‘Ergonomics’ is literally a science; “the applied science of equipment design, as >> Read the full post >>

Back pain is the epidemic of the modern work place. However, this does not mean that you simply have to grin and bear it. If you are a back-pain sufferer there is plenty that you can do to improve your posture whilst you are sat in front of your desk. This will ease the strain >> Read the full post >>

Sometimes keeping your workspace tidy and organised can seem like a never-ending battle. An untidy desk can reduce productivity while you hunt for important items and can make your feel less organised than you could be. Often, though, this is because we only ever perform “maintenance” on our desks. We’ve already accrued a lot of >> Read the full post >>

How often over the course of a working day do you ever stop and think about the demands you make on your body? Sure, sedentary work means you’re hardly giving your body a gruelling workout at your desk, but you’re punishing it in all kinds of other ways. The way you sit at your desk >> Read the full post >>

Employee absenteeism and sickness at work hits business in the bottom line. Despite this, many employers not only don’t track time off properly, they also don’t know where to begin tackling it. It’s important to know the reasons for staff absence as this can give you some concrete ways to start bringing it down. Here >> Read the full post >>

When you’re running a business, you’re always watching the bottom line. Balancing profits against costs is tough and often it’s unnecessary expenditure that goes out the window first. Each purchasing decision has to be justified and if it can’t improve your bottom line, it’s probably seen as frivolous. However, if you know that the office >> Read the full post >>

The office is a place of increasing stress. Workers have never been asked to take on so much, as staff numbers are cut and job roles are merged, with fewer people now doing the same or more work than five years ago. Not only that, office layouts are often outdated, rarely changing in the last >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably been there; you’re trying to diet or at least cut down on your sugar, but you arrive at the office to find a massive tray of muffins, or a cake for someone’s birthday, new baby or leaving do. You want to avoid it, but social pressure kicks in – what if it looks >> Read the full post >>

Finding the right desk for your particular type of work is such an asset. Whether you are a designer, a writer, an accountant or even just a committed gamer, you probably spend a lot of your time at your desk. Choosing the right one is essential – you need to consider how much space you >> Read the full post >>

The pros and cons of a desk job

November 12th, 2017

Do you work at a desk job? If so, you might sometimes feel as though the remote workers, freelancers and sole traders you know have it good. While they still work from a desk a lot of the time, they may appear to have a little more freedom than you. However, there are downsides to >> Read the full post >>

In a report issued by the ONS (Office for National Statistic) on 9th March 2017, it was noted that an incredible 137 million working days were lost last year (2016) because of sickness and injury – and that is the figure for just the UK alone!  This works out to approximately 4.3 days per person. >> Read the full post >>

Have you considered freshening up your office furniture but weren’t sure if you could justify it? Whether you’re running a new startup company or managing an established business, bottom line is everything. However, if the office is starting to look tired and out of date, that’s probably reflecting on your brand too. Perhaps you’re moving >> Read the full post >>

Newly graduated? Welcome to the working world! If you’re about to start your first office job, you may be concerned about what to bring with you. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you start your first job with ease. 10 things you need on your desk for your first office job Your own >> Read the full post >>

In terms of interior design, the workplace has become a bit of a battlefield in recent years. Since the 90s, the trend towards open plan offices was a reaction to the “chicken farm” cubicles that had come to represent the modern office space since the 1950s. However, in recent years, even that trend has been >> Read the full post >>

Encouraging productivity in your workforce rarely stems from a top-down approach. Targets may help to gauge productivity levels, certainly, while also helping to give direction to staff. However, you’ll find that productivity is often self-generated – contended staff will always work harder. If you create the right environment, one which empowers and inspires your team, >> Read the full post >>

Office design trends come and go like any other fashion, but some top trends are likely to last more than others. Office interior design trends are often driven as much by new business cultures and HR practices as they are by more general fashion and style fads, which means there are some office trends worth >> Read the full post >>

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s important we learn how to be able to enjoy our time at the office more. It doesn’t have to be all deadlines, targets and workloads, you know. Here are ten top tips for making the office more fun. Implement even some of them and >> Read the full post >>