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Lockers Buying Guide

October 1st, 2018

Contents Introduction Why use lockers? Business Security Questions to ask before shopping for lockers Choosing lockers Using lockers safely General best practices when buying office furniture Further information   Introduction Lockers can be incredibly useful; they provide a compact and secure storage solution for the workplace that allows people to store valuables, keep equipment away >> Read the full post >>

Making the workplace safe for employees is not only good for business, it’s a legal requirement too. Safety at work can include training, supervision, equipment maintenance and hazard management, and in some situations a certain amount of PPE, or personal protective equipment, may be necessary. PPE should be a last resort for employers, as the >> Read the full post >>

You may have noticed that many of our lockers, including Sixto lockers, mention the inclusion of something called BioCote. If you’ve never come across this protective product, you may be wondering what exactly it is and why you would need it on your lockers. Here’s what you need to know about BioCote and why it’s >> Read the full post >>

Cycling to work can make employees healthier, wealthier and happier too. There’s reams of research on the benefits of regular cycling, and as an employer it can help you cut your carbon emissions too. However, knowing the benefits of cycling and actually getting people to do it are two very different things. Here are some >> Read the full post >>

Despite 90 per cent of employers claiming to encourage regular breaks, less than a quarter of workers take any sort of break apart from lunch. Regular breaks have been proven to improve focus, concentration and productivity, and having a welcoming break room for your staff is the first step towards encouraging more effective breaks. We’ve >> Read the full post >>

As a teacher, instilling a sense of responsibility in the children we work with is just as important a part of our job as any element of the current curriculum. Not only will it create more rounded individuals who are ready for life outside the classroom, it can also make our job much easier when >> Read the full post >>

Lockers are designed to keep our most precious items safe while we are otherwise engaged. If you’re looking to purchase lockers for your school, business or leisure facility, you’ll undoubtedly be keen to invest in the most secure lockers available. Here’s what you need to know about security of lockers: The attributes of different locker >> Read the full post >>

Businesses of all shapes and sizes should pay close attention to security. Whether you operate a whole building or just a single room, protecting your assets is crucial. From computers to legal documents, things of value need to be adequately protected to prevent your business becoming vulnerable. Here are some top tips for business security >> Read the full post >>

Items such as our Stronghold lockers are endlessly popular with educational establishments such as schools and colleges, thanks to their bold, bright colours and heavy duty strength and security. However, some schools have chosen not to provide lockers for pupils, as they believe they are not a good idea. We’ve taken a look at some >> Read the full post >>

Buying or replacing lockers for your business can be an expensive project. As always, measuring up quality against price has to come into it, but buying the cheapest could be a false economy. Cheap products often mean replacement is required sooner, or that they are just not up to the task at hand, and it’s >> Read the full post >>

If you’ve never used plastic lockers before, you might be dubious about their functionality. Are they really as waterproof as the manufacturers claim, and can they be as secure as a traditional metal locker? Let’s find out. Can you use UltraBox plastic lockers outside? You certainly can! UltraBox plastic lockers are completely waterproof, so thy >> Read the full post >>

Sports lockers such as key or coin lockers are an essential piece of kit for any leisure facility. If you’re looking to upgrade your sports lockers in your gym, leisure centre or other fitness suite, here’s what you need to think about before making your purchase. Size Lockers come in all shapes and sizes, so >> Read the full post >>

It’s all too easy to think that most employees are simply in it for the money, but in reality, they get a lot more out of their job than that. The majority of workers value appreciation, recognition and encouragement just as much as they value payday. It may well be the salary that attracts them >> Read the full post >>

If you’re planning a makeover of your gym or leisure centre changing room, or are creating a new business from scratch, keep in mind that the thought and effort you put into this area can have a big impact on your business. Footfall has been shown to significantly increase if customers feel that the changing >> Read the full post >>

Often the most overlooked room in any business is the humble staff room. But this small room can be an incredibly important place for your company, not just as a place to eat lunch or store coats, but also as the place where relationships are made, ideas exchanged, and teams built for the benefit of >> Read the full post >>

The place we work in has a huge impact on the work we do, and in particular to our focus and ability to be productive. In fact, according to recent research, the environment in which we work is the number one influencer of how productive we are. A well designed and furnished office could increase >> Read the full post >>

There seem to be all sorts of studies around right now about how to improve your employee performance. From adding green plants to the office through to giving away gym memberships, it seems all employers are on the efficiency train to try and get more from their staff. On this note, we’ve got a rather >> Read the full post >>

Having lockers at work is a great way to keep the most important things to you, and your staff, safe and secure. However, when you don’t ensure they are managed well, lockers could become something of a liability. From high tech, high security lockers to basic, economy lockers, if you want them to protect your >> Read the full post >>

The security of your business is undoubtedly something you take very seriously. After all, that’s your livelihood right there. However, despite many businesses taking huge leaps forward in security improvements, there are still hundreds of crimes against businesses every day here in the UK. The type of crime you are most at risk of will >> Read the full post >>

Data safety is a big deal right now. With the recently adopted GDPR working harder than ever to ensure data protection, companies are being forced to rethink their data security policies. Rising numbers of hacks on large companies is enough to many anyone nervous, so doing more to ensure better security in your business makes >> Read the full post >>