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A good working knowledge of health and safety is essential when you’re responsible for other people in the workplace. Whether you’re an employer, a line manager or a member of staff, the whole team should be up to scratch on health and safety guidance, but how much do you really know. Take our fun quiz >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably been there; you’re trying to diet or at least cut down on your sugar, but you arrive at the office to find a massive tray of muffins, or a cake for someone’s birthday, new baby or leaving do. You want to avoid it, but social pressure kicks in – what if it looks >> Read the full post >>

You might not realise this, but the office furniture you supply your staff with could be harmful to their health and safety. As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that you take all appropriate action to keep your staff from coming to harm during the course of their work. In the >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics. You might even know what it is. Yet you might not be convinced of the business case for ensuring good ergonomic furniture is provided for staff. Shelling out on new furniture often seems like a luxury and yet it has been proven that ergonomic furniture could actually improve your bottom >> Read the full post >>

There’s no getting around this – we’ve known for a long time now that sitting at your desk at work is bad for your health. Poor ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal pain among other things, while just sitting for hours has been linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Now, a new study gives us >> Read the full post >>

In association with Channel 5, the Telegraph recently released the results of a survey into happiness and stress levels. Those results yielded some interesting data around the link between happiness and wealth. Not only that, the responses gave an eye-opening look into which jobs are most likely to cause stress – and the results are >> Read the full post >>