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Employee absenteeism and sickness at work hits business in the bottom line. Despite this, many employers not only don’t track time off properly, they also don’t know where to begin tackling it. It’s important to know the reasons for staff absence as this can give you some concrete ways to start bringing it down. Here >> Read the full post >>

Office space in London is at a premium, with many freelancers and small business owners finding it impossible to afford rental costs in the city. When working from home is no longer possible, either due to expansion or suitability of the space, many small businesses are left wondering how and where they’ll find a new >> Read the full post >>

Working from home is fantastic. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and set up your working space specifically for you. Your own territory. Problem is, if you need help with that, you’ve probably been bombarded with search results on “setting up a home office” that reveal cute little desks, pastel >> Read the full post >>

Working from home does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Your colleagues at the city-centre office are not the only ones who deserve a sleek, modern workspace where they can build their reputations. With the rise of home-working, there are now plenty of office products that you can use to kit out >> Read the full post >>

Deciding whether to work from home or not is a difficult decision for many people. However, it is something more and more of us are faced with, as organisations are increasingly allowing staff members to work out of their homes. Not only this, but freelance jobs seem to be easier to access, as businesses have >> Read the full post >>

Decluttering your desk drawer

September 7th, 2017

Working in a cluttered and untidy environment can sap your enthusiasm and your productivity. Why not set a few hours aside to do something about it? If you are investing in next day Aura Desks for your workspace you will want to show them off and not cover them with mountains of paper. Here are >> Read the full post >>