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desk buying checklist

Tick all these things off before you select your brand new desk.

Deciding on the right office desk for your needs can be tricky if you aren’t prepared. Choosing the right desk means knowing what you need and how you’ll use it.

If you aren’t prepared, you’ll end up searching countless websites, looking at a massive number of desks that all seem to be the same. You need to know the details in advance so that you can compare the usefulness of one desk to another.

Save yourself time and hassle by using this ultimate checklist for choosing the right desk. Consider all these options and you’ll find choosing a desk becomes much easier.

The five ‘S’s checklist for choosing a desk

1 – Shape

Desks come in a bewildering array of shapes if you’re not used to them. Rectangular, bench, ergonomic, wave – you’ll find all these options and more.

However, the shape of the desk you choose is really dependent on what your needs are. If you prefer to sit at the middle of the desk, a rectangular one would suit, but if you also need space either side of you, a ‘U’ or crescent shape might be just what you need.

A kidney or ergonomic shape allows you to get closer to one side of the desk while allowing room on the other side to spread out your work – and is particularly useful if you are on the larger side or are pregnant.

2 – Space

Consider both the space in which the desk will be situated and the amount of space the desk surface will allow you to work on. If your desk needs to fit into a fairly small space, bench desks are a practical solution.

If you have more room in the office, an executive desk can allow you plenty of freedom to spread out your work.

3 – Style

Are you a minimal, practical type of person who values clean lines and less clutter? Or do you like your furniture to be a little showy?

This one comes down to your personal taste. You could choose a desk with wood finishes for that classic, executive look, a crisp white finish for that minimal, creative feel or something that comes with bright, inspirational accent colours.

4 – Storage

Do you need paperwork handy, or files close by? You need a desk that has built-in storage, such as a drawer pedestal or integrated shelving.

Keeping your all-important documents close to you but off the surface of the desk allows you more room to work but prevents tedious trips to the filing cabinet.

5 – Spending

Your budget is probably the most important thing to consider. If your budget is limited, you’ll be happy to know that the quality of even lower-priced desks has improved dramatically over the last decade or so, thanks to modern materials.

However, where possible, it’s best not to scrimp on your spending here. A great desk is an investment in your future – if you create a comfortable and efficient workstation, you’ll not only be happier at work, you’ll be more productive too.

Save yourself the hassle with our modern Fluid Office Desks

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a desk, why not check out our Fluid Office Desks? A clean and crisp white finish can be contrasted with a choice of gloss accent finishes making this range modern and stylish.

Fluid Office Desks come with a range of storage add-ons, each of which has flush fronts for a clean, linear look and an ergonomic push-to-open system that saves time and effort. View the full range here and work through the checklist, and if you need some advice on choosing the ideal combination, talk to our sales team.

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