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Having lockers at work is a great way to keep the most important things to you, and your staff, safe and secure. However, when you don’t ensure they are managed well, lockers could become something of a liability. From high tech, high security lockers to basic, economy lockers, if you want them to protect your >> Read the full post >>

The security of your business is undoubtedly something you take very seriously. After all, that’s your livelihood right there. However, despite many businesses taking huge leaps forward in security improvements, there are still hundreds of crimes against businesses every day here in the UK. The type of crime you are most at risk of will >> Read the full post >>

Data safety is a big deal right now. With the recently adopted GDPR working harder than ever to ensure data protection, companies are being forced to rethink their data security policies. Rising numbers of hacks on large companies is enough to many anyone nervous, so doing more to ensure better security in your business makes >> Read the full post >>

Hygiene at work is so important, whether you work in a sensitive environment or not. In food preparation and healthcare, hygiene is always on the mind of the employees, but what if you work in an office or warehouse? Although you’re not handling food or dealing with sick people, doesn’t it still make sense to >> Read the full post >>

Businesses large and small are always trying to increase efficiencies. From offices to schools, hotels to pubs, efficiency means one thing to a busy business, and that’s more profit. For construction firms, boosting efficiency is crucial as companies are forced to work on ever diminishing margins and with increased competition for every job. If you’re >> Read the full post >>

Here in the UK, we lose around 137 million working days every year due to illness or injury. Per person, that’s not a lot, at just four or five days per worker, but it all has an impact on the productivity of our businesses. Minor illnesses such as colds and colds are usually the most >> Read the full post >>

Work related injuries and illnesses account for around 30 million lost workdays every year in the UK. Keeping your employees safe and healthy is about more than just complying with the law; it makes business sense too. Here are some key essentials for your workers health and safety that you should be considering: Provide the >> Read the full post >>

Many of our lockers feature anti-bacterial protection in the form of a powder coated finish that stops germs from spreading. Such features are essential in situations where vulnerable people could come into contact with the lockers, or even just where you want to prevent the spread of bacteria in your workplace. Our Active Coat lockers >> Read the full post >>

Many businesses are choosing to provide personal lockers to staff in a bid to improve security and give everyone somewhere to keep their things. If you’re sick to death of Jeffrey’s cycle helmet hanging on the back of his chair, of Margaret’s fluffy gonk sitting on her desk all week and of Janet’s smelly trainers >> Read the full post >>

There has recently been a huge change in the UK with regards to data protection. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018, providing additional protection to consumers in regard to who contacts them, why and what information is held about them. This legislation will replace the current >> Read the full post >>

One in four children aged between two and 10 are classed as either overweight or obese. By the age of 11 – 15 years old, that’s risen to a third. It is predicted that by the year 2034 around 70 per cent of us will be overweight or obese, and that the number of children >> Read the full post >>

With a quarter of our primary aged children now either overweight or obese, the question of how to get this generation more active is on the lips of every teacher and classroom assistant across the UK. The government recommends an hour a day of fairly intense exercise but trying to fit this into a school >> Read the full post >>

You spend around a third of your life in the office and most of that time is spent sitting at your desk. Choosing the right computer desk could make the difference between comfortable, efficient working and back pain, disorganisation and poor productivity. With so many styles to choose from, though, how do you decide on >> Read the full post >>

If your business has grown enough that you need to move to bigger and better premises you’re in for an exciting and possible stressful time. There are a lot of factors to consider; what you’re taking with you, what you’re disposing of and, crucially, what you’ll need buy. With some forward planning, though, you can >> Read the full post >>

The world of premises management is often invisible; when you’re doing your job properly, it’s unlikely you’ll be noticed at all. It’s only when things go wrong that employees recognise the need for premises management. This is particularly true of waste management, with the added proviso that it’s likely management teams will take notice when >> Read the full post >>

An organised office runs efficiently and employees are more productive. A disorganised office is chaotic, inefficient and workers find it difficult to get the job done properly, leading to frustration. Getting your office organisation under control is dependent upon one thing over all others: the right storage solutions. If you’re considering an overhaul of your >> Read the full post >>

Running a warehouse involves managing a large number of smaller tasks and keeping everything organised is key to effective working. Follow our ten tips for improving your warehouse organisation and get everything under control. 10 easy steps to warehouse organisation Organisation Putting organisation at the top of a list of organisation tips might seem redundant, >> Read the full post >>

Every business is government by legislation that requires it to display signage. However, this can sometimes seem like a complex area and you might not be sure where you stand. One look for signage online will show that there is a sometimes-bewildering number of different types of signs available and you could be wondering whether >> Read the full post >>

Open plan offices have become the norm for many businesses today. From the boring cubicles of the 80s, today we are treated to a full view of the entire office. And all the noise that goes with it. As much as it’s lovely to work in an open, modern office, with plenty of light and >> Read the full post >>

The boardroom is the heart and soul of your business. It’s where you hire and fire, where deals are made or broken, and where your most important meetings take place. All too many businesses overlook the design of their boardroom, opting for very run of the mill boardroom furniture and not enough attention to detail. >> Read the full post >>