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Choosing the perfect office desk for your needs requires careful consideration. Don’t just rush into a choose – you spend enough time at your desk that you could regret it. There are a number of considerations to factor in when you’re making your decision, but here are the top five tips to help you choose >> Read the full post >>

Choosing the right desk for your business is crucial. Too many of us scrimp on office furniture, thinking that there are better things to invest our money in. What could be more important than choosing the right place to spend the majority of your working time, though? There are some key factors to consider when >> Read the full post >>

Say no to shoulder pain at work

October 30th, 2017

The shoulder is a complex area of the body. It is comprised of several joints and they are connected by a series of tendons and muscles. A lot can go wrong with the shoulder joint and unfortunately it often does! People who work in offices, who spend all day sat at a desk, are vulnerable >> Read the full post >>

The importance of a stylish, professional and ergonomic office cannot be underestimated. The way your office is designed can have a big impact on productivity levels and employee engagement. As well as designing an office as a pleasant place to spend time, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and fashions in interior >> Read the full post >>

Sitting down seems like the most natural thing in the world, right? Not the kind of thing you should educate yourself on. However, the way you’re sitting right now could be harmful to your health. Sitting still for long periods has a negative impact on health anyway, as it causes the muscles to seize up >> Read the full post >>

Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of enabling employees to work from home. They cut down on the costs of running a large office and the employees are able to juggle home and work commitments. At the same time, large numbers of people are starting up businesses online and are operating these from their homes. >> Read the full post >>

You might be surprised at the signals you’re giving people by the state of your office desk. Lily Bernheimer, an environmental psychology consultant, is currently working on a book called ‘The Shaping of Us’ in which she looks at the environmental psychology of the spaces we use. She identified 5 distinct ‘types’ based on the >> Read the full post >>

A lot of business owners don’t give the design of their office much thought. Of course, they want it to look professional, but often that’s as far as it goes. But the design of your office can be an important influencer in the success of your business, so doesn’t it make sense to pay it >> Read the full post >>

Nothing can cause a decrease in productivity more than a cluttered desk. Chaos around you can make it difficult to work effectively. However, a clean desk can make you feel energised and motivated, enabling you to do your work more efficiently. In this post, we have some top tips on how to de-clutter your desk >> Read the full post >>

Office space in London is at a premium, with many freelancers and small business owners finding it impossible to afford rental costs in the city. When working from home is no longer possible, either due to expansion or suitability of the space, many small businesses are left wondering how and where they’ll find a new >> Read the full post >>

If you’re a freelancer working at home, chances are space is at a premium. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate room we can use as an office so spaces like living rooms and bedrooms often do double duty. Consequently, we can’t have grand, sweeping desks that carry all of the equipment >> Read the full post >>

Deciding on the right office desk for your needs can be tricky if you aren’t prepared. Choosing the right desk means knowing what you need and how you’ll use it. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll end up searching countless websites, looking at a massive number of desks that all seem to be the same. You >> Read the full post >>

The design of your office space is of paramount importance. It impacts the mood and productivity of your employees. If the office is poorly designed and cluttered, workers will struggle to concentrate and carry out their tasks efficiently. This is the last thing you want, which is why office design needs to be considered carefully. >> Read the full post >>

Sitting at your desk all day could be slowly killing you. If this sounds over-dramatic, consider that health professionals warn that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Just sitting all day has been linked in recent studies to cardiovascular problems and not sitting correctly at your desk can cause musculoskeletal problems >> Read the full post >>

You may have read a lot about business ‘culture’ over the past few years and wondered what exactly it means and how it could benefit your own business. In terms of business management, a ‘culture’ is a set of shared values, attitudes and beliefs that translate into the standards and goals of an organisation or >> Read the full post >>

Do you get up from your desk with a stiff neck and tingling arms? This could be a sign that you are suffering from desk fatigue. This new postural problem is becoming much more common as so many workers spend hours at a time sat in one position at a desk. The fixed posture puts >> Read the full post >>

Working in a very small office space can be hugely challenging. The limited space can make it harder to organise the layout and it can be difficult to pack in all the equipment that you need. This can cause a problem for your business. There is a direct correlation between working environment and productivity. There >> Read the full post >>

You know what they say; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It may sound clichéd, but it is definitely true. When it comes to your business, the first thing people will see is your reception area. It is so important to create a positive and welcoming environment, which presents your >> Read the full post >>

Give some careful thought to your choice of colour scheme for your workspace. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing what is on offer at the building supplies merchant. By carefully selecting a suitable colour scheme and kitting out the work areas with next day Blaze Office Desks you can create an uplifting, inspiring environment >> Read the full post >>

As an employer, you’re tasked with an array of responsibilities. However, one of the most crucial is looking after your staff. It’s not only a good thing to look after the people who work for you, it’s also important to your bottom line. High employee satisfaction means better retention rates and less money spent on >> Read the full post >>