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We’ve all had those awful mornings when we’ve stared at our computer screen for half an hour and it has been too much effort to actually type anything. When you work from home, getting motivated can be a real challenge. After all, you just have to glance around you to see lots of other things >> Read the full post >>

We read lot about back pain caused by poor posture at work. However, for many office workers, wrist pain is a huge issue. The nature of working at a modern PC requires multiple and repeated small movements. This can, over time, cause inflammation and damage which can cause pain. You may see this referred to >> Read the full post >>

You spend a lot of time at your workstation every day, so it’s time to make it work for you. Cluttered desktops, hard-to-reach items and incorrectly adjusted office chairs all make your working day that little bit more difficult. Try following this step-by-step guide to making your workstation more ergonomic. Just following each step in >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably heard a lot recently about standing desks. So much so that you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a fad. However, while a standing desk is no magical solution to the problems of a sedentary lifestyle, there are actually many benefits, backed up by scientific study. While making a complete break from >> Read the full post >>

  If you’ve ever browsed office furniture or read articles on office health, you may have seen the term ‘ergonomic’ crop up from time to time. Put simply, ergonomic relates to something which ensures comfort and efficiency in the workplace and is often used in relation to furniture designed to make working more comfortable for >> Read the full post >>

According to an article published in The Sun, more than 5 million people die every year through having inactive life styles. One of the biggest contributors to this inactivity is office work, whereby workers remain seated for prolonged periods of time. More and more employers are responding to this threat to their employees’ health by >> Read the full post >>

Making the switch from working for someone to freelance is an exciting step. Not only will you get your own freedom but you’ll have the benefit of working from home too. However, working from home comes with its own pitfalls, and it’s important that you start off strong by investing in a desk. A good >> Read the full post >>

The workspace has changed a lot over the years. We’ve seen office spaces move from private office set ups to the dreaded cubicle and finally, in recent years, to the trend for open plan spaces. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages (although most workers would argue that the cubicle has many advantages) and >> Read the full post >>

Top tips for team building

August 24th, 2017

It has long been recognised that the most successful businesses are run by a brilliant ‘team’. Yet, there are very few business leaders who truly understand how to create effective teams in the business environment. They may pay lip-service to team-working and may even organise team- building exercises. They do not, however, realise that the >> Read the full post >>

Finding the right receptionist is very important for businesses, and you’d be surprised at the difference they can make to your office. From being the warm, welcoming first face a client sees when they walk in the door, to the helpful and efficient voice on the phone, finding the right receptionist will prove a valuable >> Read the full post >>

Employers are putting more resources into staff health improvement. There has been a lot of publicity in recent months about healthier working environments – especially office environments. People tend to associate factory jobs or manual labour jobs with health and safety issues, but repetitive strain injuries and health problems associated with the correct setting up >> Read the full post >>

The name “banquet chairs” is something of a misnomer. For many people, it conjures up pictures of people seated around huge oblong or circular tables in large banqueting halls, tucking into a feast of culinary delights. In reality, the term banquet chairs is the name given to any type of simple office style chair that >> Read the full post >>

Is it time to drag your workplace into the 21st century? If your office furniture is looking dated and shabby it could be sending out the wrong message about your business. Do you want your clients and employees feel that you are moving with the times? Perhaps it’s time to arrange an office make over >> Read the full post >>

Choosing the right furniture for an office isn’t a simple case of opening up a website and picking the desks that make the biggest statement. You have to consider a host of factors, including price, ergonomics and space. Office furniture styles change in trends but often those trends are led by other developments. During the >> Read the full post >>

If you enjoy puzzle solving, you should enjoy studying the picture of the desk shown above. It is obviously not one of the range of Elite Kassini office desks. The type of vintage desk as shown above, is featured on the Playbuzz website with the by-line, that only real workaholics will be able to determine >> Read the full post >>