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Equip4work Blog Posts

What to look for in a computer desk June 9th, 2018

You spend around a third of your life in the office and most of that time is spent sitting at your desk. Choosing the right computer desk could make the difference between comfortable, efficient working and back pain, disorganisation and poor productivity. With so many styles to choose from, though, how do you decide on >> Read the full post >>

Moving to a bigger office: What you need to buy June 8th, 2018

If your business has grown enough that you need to move to bigger and better premises you’re in for an exciting and possible stressful time. There are a lot of factors to consider; what you’re taking with you, what you’re disposing of and, crucially, what you’ll need buy. With some forward planning, though, you can >> Read the full post >>

Practical tips for better waste management June 7th, 2018

The world of premises management is often invisible; when you’re doing your job properly, it’s unlikely you’ll be noticed at all. It’s only when things go wrong that employees recognise the need for premises management. This is particularly true of waste management, with the added proviso that it’s likely management teams will take notice when >> Read the full post >>

Run out of space in your office? Get on top of your storage today June 6th, 2018

An organised office runs efficiently and employees are more productive. A disorganised office is chaotic, inefficient and workers find it difficult to get the job done properly, leading to frustration. Getting your office organisation under control is dependent upon one thing over all others: the right storage solutions. If you’re considering an overhaul of your >> Read the full post >>

Improve your warehouse organisation in 10 easy steps June 5th, 2018

Running a warehouse involves managing a large number of smaller tasks and keeping everything organised is key to effective working. Follow our ten tips for improving your warehouse organisation and get everything under control. 10 easy steps to warehouse organisation Organisation Putting organisation at the top of a list of organisation tips might seem redundant, >> Read the full post >>

What signage does your business require by law? June 4th, 2018

Every business is government by legislation that requires it to display signage. However, this can sometimes seem like a complex area and you might not be sure where you stand. One look for signage online will show that there is a sometimes-bewildering number of different types of signs available and you could be wondering whether >> Read the full post >>

Ssshhh! Ideas to help reduce noise in the office June 3rd, 2018

Open plan offices have become the norm for many businesses today. From the boring cubicles of the 80s, today we are treated to a full view of the entire office. And all the noise that goes with it. As much as it’s lovely to work in an open, modern office, with plenty of light and >> Read the full post >>

Make your boardroom less boring June 2nd, 2018

The boardroom is the heart and soul of your business. It’s where you hire and fire, where deals are made or broken, and where your most important meetings take place. All too many businesses overlook the design of their boardroom, opting for very run of the mill boardroom furniture and not enough attention to detail. >> Read the full post >>

Tips to help you stay focussed when you work from home June 1st, 2018

Working from home is increasingly popular in the UK, with the number of people soaring to over 1.5 million  in the last year. For employers, there are plenty of reasons to encourage working from home, from saving on overheads to staff satisfaction and retention. For the worker, working from home can be an appealing prospect >> Read the full post >>

Boardroom Furniture Buying Guide June 1st, 2018

Contents Introduction Why choose boardroom furniture? Designing an effective boardroom How to run a good meeting Questions to ask before shopping for a boardroom table Choosing boardroom furniture Types of boardroom furniture General best practices when buying boardroom furniture Further information     Introduction For many companies, the boardroom is the flagship area of their >> Read the full post >>

Making a good first impression: Tips to improve your reception areas May 31st, 2018

You know what they say, that first impressions count? Well, where else do you make a first impression in business than in your reception area? The perception of your reception is often the first in-person contact anyone has with your business. Whether they are a supplier, a client, an interviewee or someone else, the last >> Read the full post >>

Making your first conference an outstanding success May 30th, 2018

Whatever industry you work in, there’s always room for a conference. From the big extravaganzas at exhibition halls to more moderate affairs in the local community centre, running a conference takes time, effort and a huge amount of planning. If you’re looking to set up and run your first ever conference, here are some helpful >> Read the full post >>

Fodder for productivity: The benefits of serving healthier meals in your canteen May 29th, 2018

When a workplace can help their staff to make better food choices, the results can be astounding. From reductions in stress to a lower risk of cancers and heart disease, healthy eating makes sense from numerous perspectives. But does it make business sense too, and how can you make things better in your canteen? The >> Read the full post >>

Can better office furniture make your team more productive? May 28th, 2018

Investing in new office furniture has plenty of tangible benefits. From making your premises look better, to creating a brand focussed identity and providing useful functionality, good furniture is good news for any business. But, did you know that an intelligent investment in office furniture could actually boost productivity too? Here are just a few >> Read the full post >>

Marketing businesses: Essential inclusions for office bookcases May 27th, 2018

In the cutthroat world of marketing, it’s crucial to stay on the pulse of new things and new ideas. For this reason, many marketing businesses already have bulging bookcases filled with insightful literature to help them stay ahead of the game. Here, we look at five new books which should be high on your reading >> Read the full post >>

Better safe than sorry: A guide to safe ratings May 26th, 2018

When it comes to safety and security in your business, there’s no sense in cutting corners. Businesses which handle cash, hold sensitive data or controlled items such as drugs or guns, should have a suitable safe on the premises to keep these items in. Other businesses may be required to have a safe by their >> Read the full post >>

Tackle your messy filing cabinet with this easy filing system May 25th, 2018

Filing cabinets seem to exist in one of two states of being; either they’ve got out of control, or were never under control in the first place. All too often, our filing cabinets evolve as our businesses grow, and without a specifically designed filing system in place, they quickly become a random repository for all >> Read the full post >>

Why the right materials handling equipment is essential for your business May 24th, 2018

Materials handling equipment covers a wide range of products. From heavy duty lifting platforms to simple sack trucks and trolleys, here at Equip4Work, we are proud to bring you an amazing range of materials handling equipment to suit your every need. But do you really need all these things just to go about your job, >> Read the full post >>

How to adjust your office chair for maximum ergonomic benefit May 23rd, 2018

Anyone who works in an office already spends a large proportion of their lives sitting down. For most of us, we will spend around a third of our adult lives at work, making that a lot of time sitting at a desk. Sitting in incorrectly adjusted office chairs is one of the biggest causes of >> Read the full post >>

Whiteboards and flip charts vs PowerPoint: Which is the more powerful sales tool? May 22nd, 2018

When it comes to making sales, technology is your best friend. From demonstrating products to highlighting figures and displaying charts, the salesperson loves their high-tech tools. Step into any presentation across the UK and you’re bound to witness a snazzy PowerPoint presentation clearly highlighting all the amazing features of the product on offer. But is >> Read the full post >>